Soft Tissue Surgery

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Soft Tissue Surgery

Soft Tissue Surgery services offered in Lenox Hill, New York, NY

Soft tissue surgery is a very broad group of surgical procedures that treat problems in areas other than your bones. At Lenox Hill Surgeons, LLP in the Lenox Hill area of Manhattan in New York City, the team of skilled board-certified surgeons offers a full spectrum of soft tissue surgery. They use advanced robotic surgery or laparoscopic techniques for most procedures, which means smaller incisions and less downtime. Book an appointment online or call the office to schedule your visit now.

Soft Tissue Surgery Q&A

What is soft tissue surgery?

Soft tissue surgery is a group of procedures that treat any and all problems in your soft tissues. This covers a lot of territory in your body, including all of the non-bone tissues like skin, muscle, connective tissue, and other types of tissue. 

When might I need soft tissue surgery?

The main reason for soft tissue surgery is to deal with masses, which can include both solid masses and fluid-filled cysts. While not all masses are malignant (cancerous), it’s important to remove at least some tissue from the mass for testing (a biopsy). 

If your biopsy shows signs of cancer, you might then need another soft tissue surgery to remove the entire mass. With most cancerous masses, full surgical removal is the most effective solution with the highest cure rate. 

If you have a cancerous mass, soft tissue surgery may be just one part of your treatment. The team at Lenox Hill Surgeons, LLP may also recommend other types of treatment, such as chemotherapy or radiation, to maximize your chance of a cancer cure. 

What is the process for soft tissue surgery?

Soft tissue surgery is usually a laparoscopic or robotic procedure. Both laparoscopic and robotic surgery requires small incisions, typically around the size of a dime. Instead of one long (6-8 inches) incision, laparoscopic and robotic surgery use a few small incisions. 

One incision contains a thin tube with an integrated camera and light. The camera shows a clear view of the inside of your body on a monitor nearby, where surgeons can examine it in much greater detail than would be possible with a direct view (open surgery). 

The other incisions are there for the surgical instruments. With robotic surgery, robotic arms hold the tools, and surgeons control the arms using a console. With laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon holds the tools themselves. 

In some cases, open surgery is the best approach due to individual anatomy, disease, or other factors. Wherever possible, the surgeons use the most advanced minimally invasive techniques.

Minimally invasive approaches limit bleeding, reduce complications, and lead to a more comfortable recovery. Patients who undergo minimally invasive surgery on soft tissue also spend less time in the hospital and generally need less extensive aftercare. 

If you need soft tissue surgery, choose the Lenox Hill area’s top surgeons for the highest standard of care and a family-like atmosphere. Book an appointment online or call the Lenox Hill Surgeons, LLP office for help today. 

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